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Aims and Objects of the Ashram:

                                        Banyan tree, younger brother at Entrance, aged 82

        It is not a tall claim to make that what was Sabharmati to Gujarat was Tiruchengodu Gandhi Ashram to Tamilnadu. Gandhiji christened his experiment at Sabharmati as Satyagraha Ashram. Rajaji christened his in Salem District (now Namakkal District) at Gandhi Ashram. Both the Ashrams played a key role in the political destinies of the country as a whole and in the lives of their inmates as individuals, 26 of them took part in freedom struggle also.

        Gandhiji pitched his Ashram near the biggest industrial centre in Gujarat, viz Ahmedabad. Rajaji started his Ashram in a far off village in Salem district ( now Namakkal district) which remains still a village even after several decades.

Aims and Objects of the Ashram:

        The Tiruchengodu Gandhi Ashram was started at Pudupalayam, hamlet of Nallipalayam village, Tiruchengodu Taluk, by Shri. Rajaji as the South Indian of the Gandhi Seva Sangh,Bharadha pledged to serve the country on the lines indicated by Gandhiji. This was formally inaugurated on 6th Feb, 1925 in the presence of many distinguished men notable among whom included E.V.Ramaswamy Naicker, M.G.Vasudevayya, K.Santhanam, N.V.Krishna Chettiar, K.V.Subba Rao and Narayana Rao. The late Rathna Sabhapathy Gounder, Mittadhar of Pudupalayam a devotee of Rajaji must have been very proud of his association with Rajaji in those early days when the Country had not even a clear vision of its own social, political and economical future.