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Welcome to Gandhi Ashram  

Artisan’s Welfare:

khadi artisans are covered under Artisans Welfare Fund through Tamilnadu State Polyvastra Artisans welfare and Pension trust. About 322 Khadi Artisans are covered under Khadi Karikar Janashree Bima Yojana Scheme. The nominees of two deceased artisans death benefit of Rs.30,000/- each during 2008-09. 49 students have been sanctioned and paid scholarships at Rs.1200/- each during 2008-09.

        Both Khadi and Village Industry artisans are covered under Jan Arogya Medical Insurance Policy through United India Insurance Company Ltd., Handicapped artisans are given 50% extra wages to compensate their physical inability. We supply mattress and pillows to students residing at hostels.

                                                                      Parnakuti where Gandhiji stayed For 2 Days.

        One of the main focal points of the Tiruchengodu Gandhi Ashram was and continues to be is the empowerment of rural women and creation of self sufficiency for the rural poor, when it was started 84 years ago. The area surrounding the ashram was drought prone and since the people were at the mercy of money lenders they migrated to Ceylon in shiploads for want of work. The Ashram trained 13,000 women in charkha spinning and provided cotton and raw materials at their doorstep every week and also procured the finished yarn by paying them wages according to the work done. In this manner the Ashram provided for the sustenance people in and around the villages. To this day about 2000 women who are unable to work outside their home are utilizing this opportunity provided by the Ashram. For those spinners who are unable to perform their task due to age considerations, the Ashram has a Pension Scheme. Old age pension has been arranged to old and widowed artisans due to the efforts of our President.

        The weavers are also provided with handspun yarn at their doorsteps and the Ashram has been very instrumental in their upliftment by providing them with interest free loans, for higher education of their wards. The Ashram is also running a Child Care Unit for the babies of the women working over there. A trained teacher is in charge of the child care unit and this function as a Pre-School Study discouraging child labour and enabling the children to school going. In this way it is ahead of many corporate bodies which are yet to realize that such facilities are essential to help their women employees to work with peace.

        Villagers collect Arappu leaves and get their earning from the Ashram. Scheduled tribes of Chitlingi hills of Dharmapuri District are given employment in Agarbathi production. Rural women of weaker sections are provided employment in the manufacture of palm leaf packet for Agarbathi packing.

        The Ashram encourages cultivation of Silk Cotton by the agriculturists as it is a dry farming product and purchases silk cotton pods directly from the agriculturists. Blind woman Selvi Unnamalai is given employment in Silk cotton peeling and given 100% extra wages. Similiarly, Pulse Polio affected spinner Vijayarani of Chinnapampatti R.T.C. and Handicapped spinner in sollampallam R.T.C are given 50% extra wages. Polio affected Khadi weaver women is provided with 50% extra wages

                                                                                          Vijayarani of Chinapampatti.

        When the agriculturists gave up their land to Salem steel plant and left in lurch. The Gandhi Ashram with the help of IRDP scheme started 12 spindle Charka unit consisting 75 Charkas near their place of residence and the centre is still working. The KVIC sanctioned capital expenditure loan for the spinning shed. The Ashram gave interest free Loan to the weavers children in the seventies to educate them in colleges and helped the villages of Kandampalayam and Chitalandur to reach higher echelons in life.

        In 1928 a Rural Dispensary was started. During Gandhi Centenary Leprosy Relief work was undertaken by the Dispensary under superintendence of Dr.Y.Tiphgane from France.This included dispensing free medicines and dressing of wounds to patients. . Mr.V.S.Thyagarajan has put his heart and soul for the cause of leprosy relief. From 1996 two Siddha Clinics have been functioning one at Tiruchengodu and the other at Salem. There is no consultation fee for the counseling provided by the clinics.