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Welcome to Gandhi Ashram  

Eco friendly Hand made files:

        Unused cloth bits and stationary are recycled into Hand Made Files. Since Cloth is more predominantly used that paper the durability of the file is enhanced by more that 70% and the file fold doesn't give away so easily.

        Speciality: Being made from recycled cloth bits Durability of the files is considerably enhanced. Completely Wood-Free. Child Labour is conscientiously avoided.

  • File Folder-Rs 3.50 per file folder.
  • Extra Thick Tag File - Rs 5.50 per file.
  • Laminated File - Rs 8 per file.
  • Cobra File - Rs 9.50 per file.

           The Files can be tailor-made and printed to customer needs. For orders numbering more that 300 for a single item the printing charges are waived.