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Welcome to Gandhi Ashram  


        Shri Rajaji lived in the Ashram, which is situated 11 kms from Tiruchengode, in a small tiled house of 10 feet by 17 feet for 10 years from 1924- 34. Along with Shri K.Santhanam (later served as Lt.Governer), Dr.G.Ramachandran (later served as KVIC chairman) and the other band of dedicated workers asked the people to get down the charkhas they were using before the British rule and supplied cotton to 13,000 families every week through bullock carts and procured the yarn they spun and gave them 30 np. The yarn so collected was given to the weavers and hand woven Khadi was sold by Rajaji and others. For transport, only bullock carts were available.

                                                                                                       Rajaji’s Residence.

        The area is a drought prone rural one and people were very much affected by the frequent failure of monsoon resulting misery and migration to Ceylon (Sri Lanka). In those days 19 np( Now it seems to be a meek amount) was an amount from which the weekly corus of a family can be purchased from the weekly shandy. But due to continuous non availability of this amount and the interest burden drove away the people to Sri Lanka. In these circumstances, the Ashram was started to mitigate their sufferings.

        Unfortunately the men folk of the family took away the hard earned money, earned by the women . On hearing this, sad very much and pained. He had sleepless nights. Then he did propaganda in the villages with lanterns and cartoons depicting evils of liquor. He took consumption of liquor with him the local Zamindar Shri. Ratna sabhapathi Gounder for the prohibition propaganda who donated 4 acres of land to the Ashram .

                                                                                                       Mahatma Gandhi.

                                                                                         Shri. Rathna Sabapathy Gounder.


The person who helped Rajaji in starting the Ashram and made all of the above possible was a good Samaritan named Zamindar Sri.RathnaSabapathy Gounder. When Rajaji told his friend Shri. Rathnasabapathy Gounder about the need of a land for starting an ashram, Mr.Gounder spontaneously offered 4 Acres of his land. He not only gave the land but also allowed all the workers of the asram to stay at his spacious Bungalow with out any caste creed or religious inhibitions. He actively participated in the Constructive Work of the Ashram.

  • 1) Decentralized production.
  • 2) Employment at doorsteps.
  • 3) Employment to displaced family women.
  • 4) Employment to old and infirm ladies, weaker sections, scheduled caste and tribes and physically challenged.
  • 5) Natural manure to agriculturists.
  • 6) Interest free loans to weaver’s children for Higher Education.
  • 7) Income to drought prone area farmers.
  • 8) Dignity of labour.
  • 9) Leprosy relief.
  • 10) Wealth from waste.
  • 11) Soap manufacture from non edible oils.
  • 12) Agmark products marketing.
  • 13) Ensuring quality.
  • 14) Package on Gandhian lines.
  • 15) Protecting village potters.
  • 16) Marketing by vans.
  • 17) Siddha clinics.