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Eco friendly Incense sticks:

        Unscented sticks were within the Ashram premises utilizing 10 full-time workers. To meet the ever increasing demand these 10 workers were deputed to 10 villages to impart the know how of making Herbal coated unscented sticks to 25 women in each village. This enabled the women to work at their leisure hours from their homes to supplement their income and also resulted in increased production for the Ashram. When the demand for the incense sticks increased, the duplicate incense sticks started rolling out in the market. In order to overcome this difficulty, the Ashram used the Gandhian policy in packing the insence sticks.

        Palmyra leaves are usually abundant in drought prone areas. To provide income to the people of such areas, Tiruchengodu Gandhi Ashram procures in lorry loads these leaves and makes innovative use in the paking of Agarbathi(Incense Sticks).Unlike paper the Palmyra leaves do not absorb the scent of the incense sticks. In making the leaves into unique small palm leaf modules about 100 women are given work at their homes. Earlier the Ashram was packing the sticks in polythene covers, but certain unscrupulous traders started selling fake products. Since no private manufacturer of incense sticks could mobilise adequate resources to buy palm-leaf in such bulk quantity the fake brands have disappeared from the market. Subsequently the sale of incense sticks has gone up significantly from 20 lakh rupees to 1 crore.