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Welcome to Gandhi Ashram  

Dignity of labour:

                                                                                          Charkha or the Spinning Wheel.

        Even though there are clear demarcation of duties and responsibilities, there exists no hierarchy in the administration of the Ashram, because it is firmly believed that there should not be any differentiation on the basis of income level. Hence, from the Sweeper to the Secretary of the Ashram, the pay scale and benefits are fixed uniformly, thus paying the way for an egalitarian society. This has inculcated a strong sense of democracy among the staff and workers, which in turn acted as a catalyst to motivate them to put in their best. From a humble beginning, the Ashram has now acquired a phenomenal stature, with it's annual turnover touching Rs 10 crores. There are about 120 full-time workers in the Ashram. The Ashram also provides work on a part-time basis for about 4000 rural, handicapped women, widows and destitute entrusting them with work at their doorsteps.