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Welcome to Gandhi Ashram  

Gandhi Ashram’s role in Prohibition Movement.

Upliftment of Weaker Sections:

        It speaks volumes of Rajaji's dedication to the cause of Weaker Sections that among the very first inmates of the Ashram were four persons of weaker Section. He must have been bold enough to do this in those days when for a Person of weaker section. to wear a Chapal and to go about, to hold an umberlla over his head or to ride a bicycle meant for him retribution through physical violence . The Ashram published brouchers and did propaganda among Weaker section and educated them. Schools were started in Person of weaker section. hamlets. Scholarships and clothes were given to the deserving pupils. Ashram workers visited Person of weaker section. hamlets regularly and helped and advised villagers to maintain health and hygine.

Provision of Dwelling houses.

        In 1933 nine small houses for Weaker section were put to relieve congestion in a near by Person of weaker section. Village. It was opened by Mr.M.C.Rajah, the veteran leader of the Person of weaker section. commnity, on 30th April 1933.

Drinking Water:

        It needs no great imagination to realize the hardships that Weaker section had for drinking water those days when water was scarce and caste custom of untouchability was strong. It is eloquent testimony to the Ashrams concern for them that it dug 9 new wells, deepened old ones, to provide drinking water to the Weaker section, so many decades ago with slender resources.

                                                                     Banyan tree, younger brother at Entrance, aged 82


        In those days when schools were luxuries even for fair sized townships it was “ unthinkable” to start schools in villages and especially in Person of weaker section. hamlet and have their study in the same school ultimately resulting in eradication of untouchability.


        The Person of weaker section. boys were finding it very difficult to get High school education at Tiruchengodu in the absence of a hostel. When nobody was forth coming to give a site for locating the hostel, Dr.P.Subbarayan, Zamindar of Kumaramangalam was kind enough to donate a site at the request of Revered Rajaji. The Hostel was built on and declared open by the Congress President Babu Rajendra Prasad on 26-10-1935. The hostel was run by the Ashram till 1959 and was handed over to Government of Tamilnadu through Person of weaker section. Seva Sangh. The hostel served the weaker section of the society in the same building for so many decades but when it was found unsafe for running a hostel, it was vacated by the Government and was started running in a rented building later. Ashram distributed the Khadi dresses to the inmates of hostel on 25th December every year i.e Demise of Shri Rajaji which worth about Rs.54, 292 those days. Through this hostel more than 1000 of students had their best education and placed in the higher echelons of the society.