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Welcome to Gandhi Ashram  

A few from our Visitors Book at the Ashram Premises:

        Arrived evening 19.3.25 to visit and be acquainted with inmates, stayed in a parnakuti specially erected and passed two happy days.

M.K.Gandhi Sabharmathi 21.3.25

        We spent yesterday and today peacefully with Sri Rajagopalachari. We indeed immense glad on seeing this small Ashram.

Kasturba Gandhi 18.12.32

        I miss use and love of Hindi and knowledge of Sanskrit, enough say, to understand drift of the Gita, the more so because everything else is so good.

                                                               Gandhiji signed as Bapu in Tamil as well as in Hindi 13.2.34

Babu Rajendra Prasad in Hindi 24.10.34

        Had good opportunity to stay in this Ashram for two days. Felt happy on seeing the activities of Ashram. Let this Ashram under the leadership of Mr.Rajaji grow with leaps and bounds.

Jawaharlal Nehru 11.10.36

        A brief night spent here in the course of rushing about-much too short time for a place one had heard so much about. Yet the night was welcome and one felt something of a peaceful and busy atmosphere of the place. All good wishes to this Ashram and may fold its field of efficient service grow.

Lal Bahadur Sastri 09.11.53

        I am indeed glad to visit the Ashram. It is a pilgrimage for me.

Extract from Golden jubilee message of K. Kamaraj

        The Gandhi Ashram, Tiruchengodu is the standing monument for Rajaji who was its founder. He was compelled to start the Ashram when he found grinding poverty, unemployment and starvation which stalked the land. The Ashram was a great service centre to attend relief to poor. From this centre Gandhiji’s Gospel was radiated around. Rajaji rought cheer to poverty – striken villagers and gave them employment through the Charkha, and other ameliorative activities of the Ashram. He brought light and happiness where there was darkness and misery. Over a period of fifty years the Gandhi Ashram has been carrying on the work unostentatiously.